Nov 10

Freight trucking will grow during the next 11 years

Ground transportation will stand strong

The American Trucking Asociation published a forecast that shows that freight trucking will grow during the next 10 years, reinforcing the strength this transportation already has, and helping companies make decisions as to how they will transport their goods. Increasing freight revenues by 74.5% within the afore mentioned period.

The forecast published mentions that freight trucking will grow during the next ten years and maintain its dominances as the favorite transportation method. Not only does the best companies will continue and increase the usage of this method, pipelines will also be doing so, increasing their share of fright from 10.8 percent to 18.1 by 2026.

Forecast is a valuable resource for executives and decision makers in both the private and public sector,” mentioned Bill Graves, ATA President and CEO. “Knowing where the industry and economy is headed can help shippers and fleets make key business decisions and instruct lawmakers and regulators on the best policies to move our economy forward.”

The effect this will have in the economy is something that may push the congress to pass laws that favor freight trucking as the main transportation service. Something we have already seen with a new Long Term Highway Bill the congress seems to be about to pass. This bill aims to improve safety and efficiency in highways. Making freight trucking the way to go.

Railroad transportation will see and adverse effect, reducing their freight tonnage from 14.2% to 12.3% by 2026. Meanwhile intermodal freight will be growing half as fast than freight trucking. All of this leading into a growth in the number of Class 8 trucks. Reaching 3.98 million by 2026.

All these things should be considered while making decisions as to how to transport goods. This is an industry that is growing fast and you most certainly don’t want be left behind using outdated and unsafe methods of transportation. If all the major companies are selecting this option, it’s because they have seen the advantages and profits of using the best logistic methods.

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