Nov 11


To Whom It May Concern:
I am very pleased to assist Arnian Freight Logistics by providing a testimonial regarding our company’s experience while working with them over the past few years! We were given their information by one of our vendors when we were looking at a new resort renovation project located in Mexico.


Our company had no previous experience with importing products and materials into Mexico and could have been at a serious loss had Arnian and the expertise of their entire office not come to our assistance!


On one specific project there was a major change to the local IVA tax which was brought to our attention by the staff at Arnian Freight Logistics during the bidding process. Had they not informed us of this change our company would have been responsible for the increase of 5% on all products imported. Because of the excellent knowledge and communication by their staff, we were able to notify our client of the pending increase and allow for a clause in our contracts.


We have worked with Arnian Freight Logisitcs for over 6 years and will continue using them as our sole forwarding agent. Everyone at Arnian goes above and beyond to ensure our products arrive at their final destination with no complications. Our company is confident in their expertise and we all feel comfortable knowing they are handling our products!




Mike McCurdy

Freight and Logistics Manager

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