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Gomez & Hilman Kitchen Appliances

Dear Raquel & Gabrielita,

In the last 15 years, Gomez Hillman provides a variety of household, residential, hotel and imported products, in the best times possible, allowing us to meet the high demand of our premier clients. Not only that, we have participated in some of the most important projects in our area, and we have not failed to deliver to our clients. We believe that to achieve the level of service required by our clients, we need to have an extensive network of suppliers in the U.S. and the right connections with the right logistic companies and services that can make each transaction proceed smoothly. We have achieved our high level of satisfaction by working alongside Arnian and their team of collaborators that rise to the challenge in each of our orders. All our requests have been managed efficiently at all levels of the process, from pricing, to logistics, shipping and handling, inventory management, freight, etc.

Arnian is the logistics and import company we trust. In the 10 years we have worked with Arnian, we have not had any issue that would prevent us from meeting our clients needs in both quality and time. We firmly believe that no other logistic and imports company would give us the confidence we have in promising our clients results. We are where we are as a company due to the efficiency of our partners, like Amian.

Arnian is the best choice for anyone looking for a logistics and import partner.


Alejandro Gomez Lozano

Gomez & Hilman Kitchen Appliances

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Mobile 624 141 6065
USA Direct 1360 369 6711
Mexico Direct 0133 4162 3329

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